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Applying concrete

About TruCem

TruCem is the leading cement distribution company in the region. Our focus is on delivering top-quality cement solutions like Holcim Excel EcoPlanet and Holcim Solido. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we provide personalized support and ensure timely deliveries. TruCem is dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability in the construction industry. 

Featured Products

TruCem Inc. Premium Construction Materials in Isabela

Holcim Solido

Elevate your projects with Holcim Solido, our Premium Portland Cement enriched with high-performance additives. From compressive strengths that exceed global standards to sustainable production practices, Holcim Solido is the cornerstone of durability and reliability.

Excel ECOPlanet

Step into the future of construction with Excel ECOPlanet. This innovative and environmentally friendly blended cement from Holcim Philippines offers enhanced workability, durability, and reliable strength. With a proven track record and significant environmental advantages, it's the choice for a cost-effective and sustainable construction outcome.

TruCem Inc. Premium Construction Materials in Isabela

Why Choose TruCem

Selecting the right construction materials supplier is critical for project success. Here's why TruCem stands out:

TruCem Inc. Premium Construction Materials in Isabela

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control ensures that every material meets or exceeds industry standards.

TruCem Inc. Premium Construction Materials in Isabela

Reliable Supply Chain

Count on us for timely deliveries, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

TruCem Inc. Premium Construction Materials in Isabela

Competitive Pricing

Access high-quality materials at competitive prices, optimizing your project's budget.

TruCem Inc. Premium Construction Materials in Isabela

Building Responsibly, Sustaining for Generations.

At TruCem, sustainability isn't just a practice; it's our core. Explore how our products, processes, and partnerships contribute to a greener and more sustainable construction industry. Join us in building responsibly for generations to come.

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